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  An Old Love

Encyclopedic Discography of USA-Cuban Music Exchange


Cristóbal Díaz-Ayala

This work would have never reached you without the backing of FIU and its President, Mark Rosenberg, who welcomed my proposal and delegated to Casa Cuba and its Executive Director, Maria Carla Chicuén, the difficult task of realizing it. Thanks to her unconditional support and valuable help given by her, as well as by Veronica González, the staff of the Diaz Ayala Cuban and Latin American Popular Music Collection, and the FIU students assigned to the project, especially Sheila Dennis, we have been able to complete the project in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since this discography is based in part on my previous discography, Cuba canta y baila (http://latinpop.fiu.edu), the acknowledgements included there, at http://latinpop.fiu.edu/reconocimientos.html and http://latinpop.fiu.edu/acknowledgements.html, are still current. I also want to mention other more recent collaborators not only of this project but of many others, including the updates and corrections to Cuba canta y baila:

Roberto Acosta, Ivan Acosta, Eduardo Arias Polo, Sigfredo Ariel, Alejandro Armengual, Rafael Bassi, Ciro Bianchi, Rosa Ileana Boudet, Wilfredo Cancio Isla, Aymee Correa, Gabriel Covas, Blanca Delgado, José del Castillo Pichardo, Dixa D'Oleo, Editorial Betania, René Espí, Juan Fernandez, Luis Manuel Garcia, Mario A. Garcia, Jorge Enrique Giraldo Acevedo, Radames Giro, Ester Goeta, Nick Gold, Elmer González, Eduardo Hernández, Daisy Hernández, Mayra Hoyos, Jaime Jaramillo, Maria Amalia León de Jorge, José Loyola, Manuelito Mamelon, Rosa Marquetti, Guillermo MarquezSterling, Carlos Marquez-Sterling, Gaspar Marrero, Mayra Martinez, Carmelo Mesa, Elizabeth Mirabal, Kurt E. Nauck, Adriana Orejuela, Lenis Oropesa, Tito Ortiz, César Pagano, Tony Pinelli, Jose Portaccio, Orlando Ramirez Casas, Josean Ramos, Recordsmith, Carlos Maurizio Restrepo Gil, Jaime Rico Salazar, Luis Felipe Rodríguez, Paola Salavarria, Juan M. Salvat, Sergio Santana, Dick Spottswood, Ned Sublette, Dario Tejeda, Umberto Valverde, Carlos Velazco, Alan West Duran, Rafael Emilio Yunen.

To all of them, and those that I may have involuntarily forgotten to include, thank you for making An Old Love come true.