The Diaz Ayala Cuban and Latin American Popular Music Encyclopedic Discography of Cuban Music

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María Cervantes
It was her own father, Ignacio Cervantes, famous composer, who introduced her to the world of music and gave her her first piano lessons. Maybe for this reason she managed to play with extraordinary precision the danzas composed by him.

Celia Cruz
She was one of the leading voices of Latin America for many decades. Known worldwide as the "Guarachera of Cuba" and "Queen of Salsa" and also by her trademark shout "Azúcar!" (Sugar!)

Olga Guillot
In 1945 she had her first hit called Lluvia Gris (Stormy Weather). During her successful career she has recorded many LPs, keeping the bolero in a prominent place in her repertoire.

Benny Moré
The "Bárbaro del Ritmo", as he was known, not only performed all songs brilliantly, but he was also inspired to write songs in genres as diverse as afro-mambo, bolero, guajira, rumba, etc.

Arsenio Rodríguez
One of the great figures of Cuban music. He is recognized as the creator of diablo or son montuno now known as an antecedent to the mambo.

Bebo Valdés
He triumphed as a musician, arranger and composer in his youth. He was away for 30 years making a new life in Sweden. In 1994 he recorded with Paquito D'Rivera, and since then he continues to delight us with his creations and performances.