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Cuba Canta y Baila
Encyclopedic Discography of Cuban Music
new Volume 1 - 1898-1925
Volume 2 - 1925-1960
Cristobal Diaz-Ayala 

The contributions that musicians have made to our culture, is evaluated by and from the records they make. Like ball players, whose statistics and records are used to estimate their value, musicians are graded and valued by their own type of "records". For most of my life I have been collecting recordings by, and gathering information about these musicians. I have come to better understand their contributions as I put order to this collections. I have learned to admire them. Now you can have access to and share with me this knowledge through the discography provided by FIU.

Cristóbal Díaz-Ayala

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Translation by Alan West.
For further information on the discography, please contact Fundacion Musicalia or Ms. Mayra Nemeth (305-348-3009).
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